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We're a Digital Marketing
Agency for Nonprofits.

We help nonprofit organizations get the most out of their Google Ad Grant account and make any
budget, big or small, work. Not only do we specialize in Google Grant management, but also offer
website design, SEO, social media marketing, and provide free landing page design to improve ROI.

With new user behavior, traditional advertising techniques no longer work. People are no longer watching tv, reading magazines, or listening to the radio. They’re on the go -- They’re online and on mobile. Question is, are you? Advertise your business on the top search engines – Google & Yahoo Bing!

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We're a 97% Google Partner!

‍Google Partners are digital agencies that are certified and trusted by Google to follow advertising best practices. Google currently grades it's partners on performance, customer service, and client retention. Even though this is not an official Google ranking, it provides agencies with a grade on how they compare with other agencies.

97% Elevate Clicks' Google Partner Grade
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Google Grants is rocket science and it's our specialty.

With over 2 million nonprofits in the U.S. alone and only about 15,000 enrolled, Google Grants is considered the biggest missed marketing opportunity for nonprofits. Due to it's complexity, it can be extremely time consuming for nonprofits which has resulted in many not using the programn or not using it properly.

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An introduction to Google Grants and eligibility.

Google Ad Grants works exactly like Google AdWords, by displaying your message to people who are searching for nonprofits to get involved with. If you’re a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 in in-kind AdWords advertising every month from Google. Welcome to Google Grants!

Piggy Bank

Monthly Budget

You'll receive $10,000 in AdWords credit each month for a daily budget of $329.
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Cost Per Click

Your maximum cost-per-click will be $2.00 USD which can result in 5,000/mo clicks.


Text-based ads will appear at the top or bottom of a Google search result page(s).
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No Billing

Never be charged for any clicks generated that pushed you over your budget.
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Who's eligible?

Take a look below to find out if your nonprofit is eligible for Google Ad Grants.

  • Hold current 501c3 valid charity status.
  • Agree to Google Grant’s terms and conditions.
  • Have a live website with substantial content.
  • Not be a governmental entity organization.
  • Not be a hospital or medical group.
  • Not be a school, childcare center or academic institution.
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Advertise locally to globally.

Target your ads in certain countries, regions, cities, or within a set radius - perfect for targeting the right audience!

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Building your online brand.

Building your online brand does not mean having donate now or fundraising ads. It means connecting with people who may not know about your brand (nonprofit). They may be looking to get involved or are asking questions that align with your mission, such as "How severe is the water crisis in Africa"?

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A simple strategy to building your online brand.

Your message (ad) would appear to people searching for the type of work you currently do.

1. We'll create your ads.

We'll start by choosing search phrases (keywords) that'll make your ad appear when people are searching on Google to learn more about your cause.

2. People see your ad.

When a user's search matches what you're advertising your ad will appear above or below organic search results. Ad rank is based on scoring factors that we’ll work with you on a monthly basis.

3. You gain potential supporters.

After a user clicks your ad, they'll be redirected to your landing page (a page matching what you're advertising). This page is designed for users to complete a goal. This goal can be a donation, email subscription, etc.

We provide landing page consultation free of charge.

The harsh reality.

Remember, your ad only appears if it matches what people are searching for on Google. And unfortunately, no one is going on Google to give money away to a nonprofit they've never heard of before.

Instead, people search on Google to learn more about causes they care about or ask questions. If you can capture those users, with time you can convince them to donate or get involved with your nonprofit.

To the right you'll find keyword's search volume.

Google's monthly search volume:
About the Water Crisis - 16,000
Scarcity of Water - 7,400
Water Crisis in Africa - 3,600
Help Build a Well in Africa - 110
Nonprofits Solving the Water Crisis - 10
Donate to Nonprofits Solving the Water Crisis - 0

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting.

We're all about transparency. Every Monday, first of the month, and quarterly you'll receive an easy to read data report right to your email. It'll provide your best ads, keywords, ad groups, etc. It will even show you if clicks are generating from a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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Why you should consider hiring help.

Below you'll find a few reasons why we believe every nonprofit should consider hiring help with their Google Grant account. Hiring help will allow you to devote your time to effectively running your organization.

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Low Budget Use

The average nonprofit will only use $300 out of their $10,000 per month budget. Meaning 97% goes unused.
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Incorrect Spending

On average, 1 out of 3 nonprofits who spend more than $3,000/mo have chosen broad keywords only.
cpc restriction

CPC Restriction

Nonprofits who struggle using Google Grants is typically due to its $2.00 CPC (cost per click) restriction.
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Quick overview of Google Grants.

Google Grants is a powerful tool that can help generate clicks back to your website and with a proper strategy those clicks can translate to donations for your nonprofit. View our services and pricing to find out how we can help your nonprofit get the most out of your Google Grant account today!

View Services & Pricing
You'll need responsive landing pages to match your ads. We'll provide landing page consultation at no charge.
We'll start a keyword analysis to determine which keywords will result in the highest amount of clicks for your nonprofit.
We'll manage your $10,000 Google Ad Grant to increase website clicks and online visibility for your nonprofit.
You'll receive a detailed data reporting every Monday and first of the month displaying your account performance.
You'll work with a Google certified, dedicated account rep to build an online strategy to meet your monthly goals.