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Carlos Vizcardo
by Carlos Vizcardo

Best Landing Page To Collect Emails

Why are landing pages important?

Ask any Google Grant expert: What is the most important factor in generating conversions? Their answer will (and should be) your landing page. Your landing page is what will give you that magical 5% conversion rate for your business and ultimately bring in revenue. The way your landing page looks is significantly different than the structure of your landing page, which deals with technicalities like slugs, meta tags, etc.. The structure of your landing page is considered to be the landing page experience.

How should your landing page look?

Here we took an example from one of our clients on how your landing page should look once it's nicely put together. Use this as a reference; you can always make your own tweaks to suit your nonprofit.

A few notes before we break down our example: Make sure that sure your background is white and that the landing page matches the general color scheme that you chose for your website. We also recommend that the only clickable location on the page should be the button, as less place to click on the page will lead to more conversions.

The goal of this landing page is to convince users to provide their email in exchange for information they are looking for. In this example, Earth Watch is providing "Facts about sharks," a nicely put together in an infographic (see #5) for users who subscribe.

Improve landing apge

1) To start, logos typically appear at the top left of the screen. Make sure your logo is not an image link.

2) The image in this section must be related to what your landing page (and your nonprofit) is about.

3) Because our keyword focus was “facts about sharks”, we made sure our H1 tag (page title) had those exact words. We also took the extra step and made it white, so that it stands out from the image.

4) This description give a small description of the landing page and its purpose. A title and paragraph is sufficient.

5) EarthWatch, like previously stated, provides a free infographic on shark facts for everyone who subscribes. On the landing page they provide a small image of what that infographic looks like. Visuals are a must and we suggest using Piktochart to help you create free infographics for your landing page.

6) Give a few bullet points detailing what users will get when they sign up.

7) Have a simple form with a title that matches what you're offering. This form should have no more than 3 fields: first name, last name, and email. As an optional step, you could also put a line where they can add their phone number and fill out a checklist, which could be used by your nonprofit to learn more about your subscriber.

8) Add a privacy line below the button. A simple line like "100% Privacy Guaranteed" should do it.

9) Include a testimonial from a volunteer or a current monthly donor completely with a headshot or photo of the person. This a small but good step at demonstrating your credibility.

Thank you and content landing pages.

When collecting email subscriptions, make sure to have a thank you/content landing page to match your subscription page.

After the user subscribes to your newsletter, they should be re-directed to a separate page thanking them for their subscription. Aa conversion code can be added for this thank you page. A conversion code will allow you to track what a user searched and which ad they clicked on that created the conversion.

Below the thank you message you'll want to include the content the user was searching for to begin with. Referring back to our example, below the thank you message would be the infographic on the "facts about sharks."

Side note: Ever heard of Google's nonprofit program?

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Carlos Vizcardo

Carlos Vizcardo
Carlos is the Founder of Elevate Clicks and owns a few passive income websites. He started his first nonprofit at 19 years old and has been involved in the nonprofit world ever since. He currently owns two cats and one dog.

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