Ad Quality Score

From Google: Ad quality score

The Google Ad Grants program provides free Google AdWords advertising on Google search result pages to eligible nonprofit organizations. In response to studies that showed that Ad Grants ads were disproportionately of a lower quality than standard, paid ads, in June 2017, we implemented a quality filter on Ad Grants in the Google Search ads auction. This filter helps keep the quality of Ad Grants in line with standard ad quality, so Ad Grantees can continue to enjoy free advertising and a great product experience.

From Google: How this affects your ads

The Ad Grants quality filter is based in part on the general ad quality level of the standard ads in the country where you're showing your ads. If your ads are of relatively low quality, the quality filter will prevent your ads from participating in the auction, no matter how high you raise your bid.

Notes from Elevate Clicks:

• Ad quality score is based on a combination of 3 factors (expected clicks, ad relevance to landing page, and landing page relevance to keywords).
• Quality score is measured from one to ten. Ten (10) being the highest.
• Incoming new clients average quality score is 3/10. A quality score of at least 6 is needed to be competitive.