Onboarding for New Clients


Thank you for your vote of confidence and welcome to Elevate Clicks. We're very excited to get your Google Grant optimized at a premium level and help scale your organization.

Note: Please complete this onbaording process through your desktop. It will not be available on mobile or tablet.

What to expect during this onboarding process.

We've created the best onboarding process in this digital space. We will cover how to use Slack to communicate and keep us on track with projects. We will also cover how the Google Grant strategy works and how to properly read a keyword list - you'll get a few of these as we manage your account.

Introduction to Slack: Step 1 of 4

We will show you how to use Slack to communicate with us. Slack is similar to WhatsApp, but it's for businesses. By now you should have received an invite to Slack. If you have not received an invite, please email your account representative.

Note: We will exclusively use Slack to communicate with you. We will not answer to any emails.

The invite.

How you can expect the initial invite to look. See below.
Note: Viz & Co, LLC is the parent company. Elevate Clicks is a DBA of Viz & Co, LLC.
Once you click on 'Join Now' you'll be asked to create your Slack account. See below.

Video walkthrough.

We've put together a quick video showing you how to use Slack.

Onboarding Topics on Slack: Step 2 of 4

For this next step we'll be asking you to create a new message/topic on Slack. Please watch the Slack video if you haven't already done so. Follow the steps carefully.

Slack Topic: Customer ID

1) Create a new message/topic on Slack and name it 'Customer ID'.
2) Click on 'Start a Thread'.
3) Add your customer ID and tag (@) your account rep.

Note: If you do not have a Google Grant account skip step #3. Instead, create an additional topic and name it 'Google Grant Application'. We'll start the new thread.

Slack Topic: Additional Slack Members

1) Create a new message/topic on Slack and name it 'Additional Slack Members'.
2) Click on "Start a Thread".
3) Add additional members as follows: Title, full name, email

Note: Please see below for team member limits (not including main rep) based on pricing tier. You may exceed your limit for an additional $10/mo per member.

• Starter, Growth, and Scale: 1 additional member
• Premium: 2 additional members
• Premium Plus and Prestige: 4 additional members

Slack Topic: Monthly Reports

1) Create a new message/topic on Slack and name it 'Monthly Reports'.
2) Click on "Start a Thread".
3) Add users as follows (include yourself): First name, email.

Note: Reports are sent every first of the month at 6:00 am PT. These reports show performance on active AdGroups, keywords, ads, etc. There is no limit on the amount of users that can be added to the monthly reports.

Slack Topic: Systems + Passwords

1) Create a new message/topic on Slack and name it 'Systems + Passwords'.
2) Click on "Start a Thread".
3) Tag (@) your account rep. We'll send you what we need for Systems + Passwords.

Intro to Google Grants: Step 3 of 4

Google Grants can be a bit confusing. Please see the video below for a quick refresher.

How to Read Keywords: Step 4 of 4

As we continue to manage your account we'll send you a list of keywords. Lists will include monthly search volume, competition, and low/high bid for each individual keyword. We've put together a video showing you what it all means.

Thank you!

We would like to once again thank you for the vote of confidence! We're very excited to start working together and help scale your organization. Once you've completed the onboarding process your account rep will contact you via Slack to schedule your first strategy call.