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Since our beginning in 2003, our brand has evolved alongside our services to adapt to our clients’ changing needs. To ensure our clients receive the same experience, we introduced core elements that create a consistent brand and new services: Google Grant, PPC, paid social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), and CRO management.

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“We're really excited to be working with Elevate Clicks. The monthly and weekly ad performance reports are great tools and they've been very helpful as we improve our high performing landing pages to attract more visitors to our website.”

Julie Casey
Julie Casey
President, Prader-Willi California Foundation

FAQ: Google Grant management

An ad group is a themed group of keywords (words people search for on Google) matching your ad title, focus, or topic.

If the focus/topic and title of the ad is "Human Trafficking Causes". Therefore, the title of this ad group would be "Human Trafficking Causes" and would include the following keywords: causes of human trafficking, human trafficking causes, what causes human trafficking, the major cause of human trafficking, causes and effects of human trafficking, etc.

Any keyword that includes "human trafficking causes" in any order would be added to this ad group.

The more ad groups your account contains, the more likely you will see your $10,000 monthly budget fully used.
The more ad groups your account contains, the more likely you will see your $10,000 monthly budget fully used.
What is an AdGroup?
An AdGroups is a group of highly themed keywords. For example, in the two rows below, each ad group contains a keyword list focusing on what you'll like to advertise. There is no minimum or maximum number of keywords that can be in an AdGroup.

AdGroup #1: (Theme is Causes of Deforestation)
What causes deforestation, causes of deforestation, deforestation causes, causes and effects of deforestation.

AdGroup #2: (Theme is How to Grow Your Church)
How to grow your church, church growth strategies, growing your church free strategies, strategies proven to growing your church.

The AdGroup list below would not be acceptable due to the keywords not being themed.

AdGroup #1:
Nonprofit, donate, fundraise, how to grow your nonprofit, car donation, how to raise funds, corporate sponsors.

AdGroup #2
How to grow your church, gain more members for your church, increase church attendees, increase church goers.
Do more ad groups result in higher ad spend?
This is usually the case, but not always. It ultimately depends on the search volume of the keywords within an ad group and other scoring factors determining ad rank.
What is ad optimization?
Ad optimization refers to how frequently we update your account (add/remove keywords, ads, etc.). The rate at which we update your account will depend on your service plan.
What is keyword research and suggestion?
We will provide a list of keywords that we believe will help your account succeed. The list will include each keyword's monthly search volume and cost per click.
What is A/B split testing?
A/B testing (often referred to as split testing) is measuring two variations against one another to determine the higher performing version. A/B split testing can be done with landing pages, ads, websites, etc. The one with the higher conversion rate (Doesn't have to be conversion rate) wins! The "loser" version is replaced and the split testing begins all over again.
Can I promote my social media channels?
Unfortunately, you cannot. It is mandatory that all ads point to the website(s) associated with your nonprofit.
What are landing page templates?
We'll create custom landing pages to deliver a 1:1 experience for users. Creating landing pages that matches what users are searching for leads to higher ad spend, better performance, and significantly higher ad spend (maxing out your grant).