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Ever Heard of the $10,000 Google Grant?

Ever Heard of the $10,000 Google Grant?

Qualifying nonprofits receive a monthly $10,000 in free online advertising credit from Google. At Elevate Clicks, we help nonprofit get the most out of Google Grants. Schedule your free demo to learn more today!
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Center of Mind Body Medicine
Restore NYC
LA Zoo
Gospels for Asia
Earth Watch
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Zen Hospice Project
Prader Willi Foundation
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What Google Grants can offer your nonprofit.

Google Grants is the nonprofit edition of Google AdWords, which displays your ad to people who are searching on Google. If you’re a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 in AdWords advertising credit each month. Read below to learn more about Google Grants for nonprofits.

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You'll Get A Monthly Budget

Qualifying nonprofits receive $10,000 in free online advertising (Google AdWords) credit each month from Google, with a maximum daily budget of $329.
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You'll Get A Yearly Budget

By actively managing your account, you'll continue to receive the $10,000 credit month after month without ever reapplying. This is $120,000 annually!
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You'll Get Approved

Hiring a grant writer is not necessary for acquiring your Google Grant account. We'll take care of this at no cost for any size nonprofit organization.
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You'll Increase Your Clicks

Each time your ad is clicked, you'll be charged $2, which is taken out of your monthly budget. This can result in 5,000 clicks per month back to your website!
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You'll Have A Fixed Budget

Once you've used the $10,000 for the month your ads will stop showing. So relax, there's no need to worry about going over your budget.
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You'll Have Online Ads

Your ads will be text-based only and will appear at the top or bottom of a Google search results page. You can view some examples by clicking here.
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How to qualify for a Google Grant:

Take a look below to find out if your nonprofit is eligible for Google Grants for nonprofits. You must:

  • Hold current 501c3 charity status.
  • Agree to Google Grant’s terms and conditions.
  • Have a live website with substantial content.
  • Not be a governmental organization.
  • Not be a hospital or medical group.
  • Not be a school, childcare center or academic institution.
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Benefits of us managing your account.

We specialize in utilizing Google Grants for nonprofits and our amazing numbers speak for themselves.

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3,082 Clicks Per Month

On average, our clients generate an extra 3,082 clicks per month. This increases your brand awareness and helps you generate online donations.
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$1 Spent = $59 Gained

You can expect to use at least $5,843 (average) of your Google Grant budget every month. This means for every dollar you spend with us you get back $59.
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3.94% CTR

You can expect your ad to beat your competitors. On average, our ads receive 4 times the amount of clicks (average CTR is only 1%).
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Where will your ad appear?

Google Grants for nonprofits allows your ad to be shown on the top of the first page of Google search.

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You can advertise locally to globally. It's up to you!

Target certain states, cities, countries or even within a radius - perfect for reaching your most important audience!

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google grant methodology

How it works (our service).

Google Grants is a great tool used to bring new potential supporters through your website! With our Google Grant management service we can help you get the most our of your Google Grant.

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Use Google Grants to attract the right kind visitors back to your website.
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Design a high performing landing page to collect a user's name and email.
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Provide nurturing content designed to build a relationship with the user.
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Ask users to get involved with your nonprofit at the appropriate time.

1. Create an awesome ad!

We'll start by creating high performing ads on your behalf. These ads will ask users to learn more about your mission with the goal of raising awareness. Remember, most people are not willing to donate to a nonprofit they have never heard of before.

2. People find you on Google.

Once someones searches for "how severe is the water crisis in Africa?" your ad will appear. Once they click on your ad they are directed back to your landing page.

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3. You start receiving support.

At a minimum, your landing page should be created to collect the user's name and email, but you can also taken them to a landing page of your choosing. Here is an example of a landing page we've created.

How automation works with Google Grants.

Automation allows you to create an email sequence that automatically emails your potential donor and moves them further down the donor funnel - say goodbye to manual scheduling!

Tom Subscribes to Your Newsletter
He found your nonprofit through your Google  Ad
February 1st, 2017
Tom will be nurtured for an additional 4-8 weeks
On average, a user feels comfortable donating after 4-8 emails
Emails will be sent every Friday
Tom starts receiving a weekly email
He'll receive content based on what he's passionate about
February 10th, 2017 (The following Friday)
Tom is asked to get involved
By this time he'll feel confident and donate to your cause
March 31st, 2017
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Let's talk about bidding on keywords.

With a maximum $2.00 bid restriction, most nonprofits have struggled using Google Grants. Even though you may use any keyword - due to only bidding the maximum $2.00 and not the entire original priced amount - you'll place low on ad rank. Below you'll find examples of good types of keywords you should bid on (left) and which ones to avoid (right).

What is deforestation: $1.77 per click
Water crisis in India: $1.74 per click
Scarcity of water: $1.42 per click
Sponsor a child in India: $26.03 per click
Support a child in need: $9.25 per click
Best charities to donate to: $4.44 per click
google grant methodology

Our process.

Whether you need to apply for a Google Grant or own an active (or inactive) account, we've outlined 5 simple steps you can expect during the first on boarding month.

We'll apply on your behalf to secure the Google Grant (guaranteed or your money back). On average, Google will accept or decline your application in 3-5 days.
Once approved, our team will perform a keyword research and create a strategy and goal proposal.
You'll start to receive monthly and weekly reporting, which we will review together during our monthly calls.
During the 3-5 day waiting period, we'll schedule a strategy call to learn more about your nonprofit and goals.
We'll schedule a final call to discuss our proposal, review the ads prior to going live, and set a preset monthly meeting.
If your account is active, we'll sync it with our MCC (umbrella account). If it's inactive, we'll call Google to reinstate it.
We'll usually do a major overhaul. Most existing accounts have not been properly optimized or created.
We'll schedule a final call to discuss our proposal, review the ads prior to going live, and set a preset monthly meeting.
We'll schedule a strategy call to learn more about your nonprofit and goals prior to making changes to your account.
Based on what we see, our team will perform a keyword research and create a strategy and goal proposal.
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